Uhmm..Hi !

As you can see i changed everything in GTA. I was bored with anime skins of girls and some japanese tuning cars (i don't say that i hate them :|).

And sorry for non-posting new storyline of "New Way" 'cause i come from school very late and I don't have much time to make this things.

Also as I said I changed my style. Now I'm one black-guy Afro-American Guy. He looks great as skin so i just use him. And my car ? BMW M3 E36 Lil Tuning Version. I can't help but i LOVE that yellow color on this car !

I will make my GTA more better but as I said, i don't have much time for it...
Here's some new pictures from my GTA...New GTA San Andreas...Enjoy Pics :)

gta_sa 2012-10-31 19-57-23-03

gta_sa 2012-10-31 19-57-44-81

gta_sa 2012-10-31 19-58-12-07

It's everything for today

cya *-* :D

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New Way - Episode 1 - The Arrive


Note : If you wanna translate this text into your language...Send PM of your mail and I will add you here as author of the translation.

Note 2: Click On "Continue" to see full text

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Note 4 : Sorry for bad english :P - ENJOY

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New Way (The New Game Story by Dee)


Hello again, as you can see i changed style to more exciting for me. And I'm bored at the weekend so I will make some comic called "New Way" - It takes you to modern San Andreas and Liberty City too...Just get ready for this...:)

Maybe you think, where is that 100 Views Pack. It was for a Limited Time Only so you will not find it now :P

Ok Enjoy The Pic and we starting tommorow :)


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Thanks for 100 views. I know it's just a little number...but for me it's a message that you guys are watching this web...

I'll prepare something for you for 1000+, 10000+, 100000+ Views

I'll make something at the weekend, not today...:(

(This post was created at 12:05 in the school, where we write exam :DD - hopefully teacher didn't see me.:D)

cya :)

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ホワイトヒル (White Hill)


Hi !

So...I worked today on my gta, watching some blogs and i saw Glanz entry about white hill map for SAMP. Yea..I'm playing SAMP but in roleplay servers so no maps...I found for singleplayer. Enjoy pics :)

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